1: The art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations
2: Skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility: Tact.

This is the first thing men of character employ when meeting a potential ally for the first time. It doesn’t always work. Sometimes things go badly. There may be a misspoken word or one party thinks something undesirable is being implied. Sometimes these little things are enough to inspire hostility and violence and it can turn potential friends into bitter enemies.

The Goa’uld behave like spoiled children. If their egos aren’t showered with praise and the god-like respect they believe they are entitled to, they lash out and try to take what they want and destroy or enslave those that stand in their way. When that happens there are several things that need to be considered. The stargate network is vast and many of the races that use it interact with other travelers. Some are already allies and many of them trade with one another. That being the case, the SGC can’t just use Goa’uld tactics when they feel threatened. If they did word would eventually get around and no one would be willing to trust the Tauri (humans) of Earth.

That being said, there still come times when a situation has degenerated to the point where there is only one answer and an “us-or-them” scenario is at hand. That’s where the ‘SG-None’ teams come in. Comprised almost completely of volunteers from worlds that have been subjugated, enslaved, or even destroyed by the Goa’uld, the members of these teams are willing to die in order to fight the Gao’uld and destroy them if opportunity arises. The existence of these teams is kept secret, even from the office of the President. They were created and put into use by Col. Harry Maybourne and only he knows who they are. Not even Gen. Hammond or Colonel O’Neill are aware of them.

Most of the time these special team members are assigned to other SG teams and function according to their team’s mission; It is only in the gravest of circumstances that they are quietly notified that it is time to take off the kid gloves and either put someone in their place or in a box. It’s the classic spy novel motif; if you are discovered or captured, we will disavow any knowledge of you and deny any association with you.

You are Expendable.